Petsburgh Service award
Dr. Parrot

The Petsburgh Service Award honors the Petsburgh homesteaders whose sites introduce us to outstanding animals who work for man - search and rescue, police work, therapy animals, seeing eye dogs, hearing assistance, and more. Also honored are sites about those who perform outstanding service for our animal friends.

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bulletTraining Buster to be a Service Dog- Still just a pup, Buster is in training as a companion-service dog to a multiple sclerosis patient. He has learned to take off shoes and socks and helps pull off slacks. He has also learned to anticipate his owners needs when she drops an item on the floor. Keep checking back to see how Buster grows in his job.

bulletSweden's Army Guard Dog- Chivas, a Standard Schnauzer, is an Army Guard for the Swedish Air Force. This site tells how he was trained, how these dags are used, and about Chivas. Chivas, the only Standard Schnauzer Army Guard Dog in Sweden, is also a show dog and much loved pet.

bulletJessie's Page- "Jessie" is loved and owned by 148 elderly residents in a nursing home. A rescued dog, "Jessie" brings much joy to his new owners. There are now smiles where there once were frowns, tears of joy at remembering their beloved pets. "Jessie" enjoys visiting every day and giving his unconditional love and undivided attention to those in need.

bulletWindWood Acres - The owner of this site has fostered kittens, rescued cats, rescued 2 calf, and worked for the Humane Society where she is still secretary. This lovely site has great information about rescue and the welfare of animals.

bulletBabycass's Den- A tribute to Police Service Dogs and a rememberance to three heros.

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