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Hello, our names are Trixie, Morgan, Yosha, and Yowlanda. We all live in the same household, even though we really don't get along very well. Trixie, rescued from the Animal Shelter about four years ago, is a black and white longhair. Yosha, who is mostly black with a few patches of white, was also rescued from the Animal Shelter. Morgan, a tabby, was given by a friend as a kitten. And Yowlanda, the baby, is one of Morgan's 5 kittens. She is a shorthair calico.

Misty is our rabbit friend. She was born in March 1998. She has TONS of energy! Trixie, the chicken is afraid of her. Yosha hs nothing to do with her. Morgan licks her and treats her like her own baby, and Yowlanda just wants to play with Misty, but kitty play is too rough for bunnies.

Lilly was a very sweet cat. She was killed by some dogs a few years ago. Please visit her memorial.

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