Abby, Cody, and Heidi's World

photo of Abby, Cody, and Heidi
Heidi, Cody, and Abby

Hi! We're Abby, Cody, and Heidi and we're miniature dachshunds. We live with our Mom in a lovely town north of Boston, Massachusetts called Hamilton.

We have a wonderful time here! In the warmer weather, Mom takes us to the beach where we can run as fast and as free as we want!! She also takes us for walks in the woods where we can chase the chipmunks and squirrels and sniff at all those wonderful woodsy smells!! Sometimes, Mom will take us down to the river where we can chase the swans and seagulls, and, if we're really lucky, we'll even find crabs and fish in the little pools that are near the edge of the water!

In the winter, because it's so cold and snowy in New England, we spend lots of time indoors. Our favorite place is in front of the fireplace where we often entertain ourselves by singing. Mom calls it barking, but, then again, she's not very musical....
Abby, Cody, and Heidi at the fireplace

"Abby isn't amused at our singing, either..."

Come on in and meet us! We each have our own page and we've let Mom have some space so that she can include some of her favorite doggie links. We even have a page with pictures of the friends we've met on the Internet!

And if you go to Abby's Page, you can meet her friend, Dudley. Dudley isn't a dachshund - he's a poodle - but that's okay. We still think he's pretty cute!

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