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Summer's Tip:
Make sure your tank doesn't overheat. Keep an eye on sunlight and any odd swimming characteristics and take immediate action.

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Latest Updates
July 9th, 2000- Online store is temp. closed as my job and other activities have taken over my current time needed to maintain it. However, once the fall comes, I will re-open it with a new, easier to use layout. Please ignore the below links to my online store.
On other news, this site as well will be taking a back burner to my list of priorities. Again, i would like to make things a lot better in the fall, but when you design and code web pages for a living, you dont really wanna come home and do it all over again. Please bare with what little content I have here and I will see you in the fall.

PS: I STILL TAKE emails and will respond to them. I help as many people as I can, especially all of you AOL people!

March 24th, 2000- Yes, how long has it been? Oh geez, too long. Anyways, I've added new products to my online store, including US voltage lighting equipment!. Go check out Wizzkid's Online Store.
Also, I've begun my second tank. Look for in a while a guide on setting up your very own aquarium. Keep sending me those questions!

February 2nd, 2000- Let me just say thanks to everyone who e-mails me with their questions (esp. all of the AOL people.). Anyways, I have FINALLY started a new layout for the site. Once complete, I will begin converting pages over and then I will post the whole thing up. You'll like it a LOT better than what I have now. Really. You will. Anyways, within a month I will also be starting my second tank, and will make a guide on step by step setup of a tank with pics and everything. Until then, this site will stay kind of low, but it will come back big! Till next time, happy fishin.

January 13th, 2000- First off, email me about the forum. Too much hassle to get into? Well, right now I'm pre-occupied with other website projects, so this site's new content is somewhat posponed. However, I DO continue checking my e-mail and will answer any questions you have. Again, sorry for lack of updates but I'm still here to help.

December 7th, 1999- I got around to changing the forum to a more pleasing looking format. I chose a new place to host it (Coolboard.com), and it gives me a lot more creative control. To check it out, follow the link in the menu or click here

December 5th, 1999- New Millenium Offers are now available at my online store. Savings up to over $70 on selected items!

Also, I've only got two more weeks until Christmas Holidays, so I'll be striving to get new content up by Christmas.

November 28th, 1999- I worked my rear off today and updated my online store. New items include the December specials, Reverse Osmosis systems, and Digital Measurement devices. Make great gifts for the holidays!
Today I also strung up those lights on the site logo. Something to get everybody in the mood for the holidays!

November 27th, 1999- All right, today I plan on adding a LOT of new products to my online store. As of this morning I have posted the new specials for December, which can be found on the bottom of the page. CD-ROMs for fans of amazonian fish. Later today I will hopefully get the other pages complete that will include nitrate and ammonia anylyzers and Reverse Osmosis systems. Although you may not see them this weekend, I'm going to start on a universal graphic design for all of my sub-pages. Pretty well all of those pages were built one at a time and don't really relate to each other in the way they look besides the background color. May be up next weekend. Cheerio.

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Thanks for all of you who helped this site to 10K hits! Soon this site will be of quality worthy of that number of folks. Thanks for those that have lived with this layout!

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