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                                             Welcome to Keeper's Korner. A site dedicated to the 
                                    Doberman's that have shared my life and home.     


                                First there was Brandy. Brandy was a red/rust,  
                               uncropped rescue. Her previous owners were   
                              elderly and sickly and could no longer care for 
                             her. Brandy was a senior dog herself.
                             This is the only picture we ever had of Brandy.
                                We lost her tragically to CVM.



                              Then came Tessa a few years later. I had never
                              seen a Fawn, or Isabella, Dobe before her.
                               Much like Brandy, Tessa was a delightful, sweet
                               dog to be with. She came from a back yard breeder.
                                She suffered every ailment know to the breed. 
                                  Although she had a lovely coat, she suffered many skin 
                               problems. She also suffered from many intestinal
                            track illnesses.
                         Keeper's Story


                        I felt I never wanted another sick Dobe again. 
                     I seached in all the wrong places. 

                         All the fancy brochures and talk had me convinced
                        I was putting my money (...and a lot of it) into 
                          the right breeder. So off went the deposit check.

 And about a year later Keeper entered my life. At 6 months old and 65 lbs he was quite a site!! Handsome and loving. Not knowing what lie ahead for us.
We carted Keeper around with PRIDE...he was intelligent beyond anything I ever imagined and more beautiful than anything in my dreams. I was so proud.
All of that began to change when he was all of 11 months old. Slow gradual changes in behavior that had a horrible outcome. Our once loving happy boy was slowly beginning to change into a horrible secret we tried to keep. With gradual small attacks on us (if there is such a thing!!)...but we were assured, it was something we did and we needed to correct, by the breeder. And we tried it all. 

We were living a lie. We were embarrassed that we had a dog like this. We felt we would be put to blame.

July 24, 1998
Keeper's life was laid to rest. 

This is a day that will forever haunt me. Nearly 2 weeks prior Keeper had jumped into my bed while I was sleeping and I suffered a severe attack.  I will spare the details.

I do not know, still, what was worse on me emotionally, the attack or the turmoil of deciding what was to come of all of it.  It took me nearly two weeks to make the final decision and spent many countless nights lying awake crying. I got phone calls and emails giving nothing but support. But none from the one I counted on most! But after talking to our vet, even the staff, several breed rescuer's and several trainers and behaviorists we had been working with....we new what had to be done. I could not risk having him hurt someone else, another family member, a neighboring child...!  I sent my boy to the Bridge and though he hurt both of us it was NOT intended and still till this day live with the guilt and the scars, both physically and emotionally.

I am always being assured that we did the right thing and that it was better of for all of us, even Keeper. But my heart aches each time I look at his pictures. 

Keeper, you taught us so much about dogs, breeding, ethics and the bond that should exist between breeder and dog owner. Someone you trust and can help you through good times and bad.

Keeper is not the first and probably not the last Dobe to come from this kennel or any other like it. (We know who they are!) And I am not here to say that all Dobes from these sorts of kennels turn out this way. But many have problems. It all comes down to ethics and how these problems are delt with. When I needed support and help, Keeper's breeder was NOT there for us. That is why it is so important to take even more time and care and effort into finding a credible breeder that is looking to improve the Doberman not discredit it. They breed for healthy, loyal, loving and for soundness. There are a lot of issues involved in buying and owning a Doberman, make sure to leave no stone unturned.

I am always willing to speak out and share my story. Feel free to e-mail me. Thank you for visiting.




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