Welcome to the Hamster Tunnel, a site devoted to promoting and encouraging the humane and ethical way of raising and caring for healthy and happy captive hamsters! (created Summer '98)

Coming VERY soon: People's Hamster Stories/Poetry, etc.!

Please let it be known, as with any captive animal, NEVER release your captive hammy into the wild! He or She will almost definetely not make it, in comptetition with non-captive born hammies! It is NOT animal cruelty to keep a pet as long as you take proper care of him/her; if one fails to do that though, than yes, it is extremely cruel!

Please Come Again Soon, and good luck to all new Hammy parents! ~Bluetabby (Angela)

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My Goal when I first created The Hamster Tunnel was to pack as much hamster info as I could onto one site. I have attempted to make it as organized and easy to flow through as possible. The information in the Hamster Tunnel is from Valid sources only (i.e. vets, recognized hamster organizations, etc.). Just the same, MOST of the information on this site is meant for the encouragement of healthy and humane pet care, and is specifically designed for parents, children, and beginners. For the really nitty gritty (exotic hamster breeds, etc.) click on "explore the hamster tunnel" (below), and every Hamster Tunnel option created thus far, plus the best hamster links, is available at the click of a mouse! Enjoy!

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The Hamster Tunnel homepage, has been created in loving memory of "Princess,"
(5/97-9/98), the sweetest hamster that ever lived, whom I will never stop loving.

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Please keep in mind when visiting, that I cannot be responsible for anything that anyone does, or anything that happens due to the visitation of my site, and/or anything e-mail related!