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Cujo & Annie
In Disguise

Tess & Peluchi
In Disguise

Well I see you made it to our Hideout! this is the place we come when we know someone is looking for us! But maybe I should start from the beginning. We started hanging out with some Desperados named Jesse and Gunner. They taught us all the tricks, like how to get extra treats and what is the best fun for chewing, toliet paper etc. We Loved it so we decided to join their Club the Meaner Weiners! It's great their Human makes everyone a mask so we can be anonymous in our endeavors! And they will let anyone join (even cats!) Well it's time for us to go back to our regular lives and hang up our masks for the day. Visit us at Tiny Paws! And make sure you check out our buddes Jesse and Gunner at the Meaner Weiners Club!

Join the Meaner Weiners Club! Your Pets Could Be Desperados Too!
Visit our Frito Banditos on Wall 3 of The Clubhouse!


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