Pugly's Doghouse

Welcome to my

My Name is Pugly.
I live in west Tennessee.
Believe it or not, I am NOT a
"Pound Puppy".
My hair is all ruffled and dusty white.
My ears are gray, what a cute little sight.
One eye brown, the other one blue.
But both of them looking right at you!
I can do tricks and play with the ball outside
But when I am thru, I bring it back inside.
I have a sister named "Tazzi",
and a brother named "Chat-Chat".

I like to play games! Do you?
My favorite game is "On your mark! Get set! GO!!"
Then my humans and I race to get the toys.
Boy are they slow! I always win.

I am just starting to learn this computer stuff!
I want to learn a lot more, but I think it might be tuff.
I don't think I can ever learn enough!
But with the help of friends like you,
and the "tech-heads" at "Geocities"
I know I am a smart little pup!

You can see more photo's of me in
"Pugly's Photo Album"
Or take a listen to some of my tunes in
"Pugly's Music Box"

Come and visit me often! Until then I will keep on working!
As you can see below I have trained my "humans" to help me!

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