My Friend

I am Tuffie.
I live in western North Carolina with
I am a little boy Lhasa Apso.
I was born January 31, 1999.
My daddy is King Lhasa Man and my mommy is Kelly Darlene.

I love to explore and I get very curious about everything!
In the picture above I wanted to lay on this bench,
but there was some kind of
there and I had a hard time getting it to move.

I wasn't sure what it was but Mom said it was a Caterpillar.

Seems like a long name for such a small critter.
All I know is that it was sure strange and in my way.

I love to play in the large fenced yard with Pee-Wee.
There are lots of little humans to play with us too.

Mom calls them "Grandbabies"
We run and play "fetch".

Sometimes it snows here.
I like to play "snow plow" in the fresh snow. Just point my nose to the ground and start walking.
It's only fun if the snow is fresh.
No day old stuff for me.

The worst thing in life is called a "bath". Mom uses some stuff from a bottle on me and that makes me smell funny.
When she isn't looking I go to the bathroom and push all the bottles into the tub. Maybe some day they will go down that little hole too.

Well I think its time to take a nap in my most favorite place. I like to sleep on my back in front of the heater vent. It's so cozy.
See ya later!!!

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