My name is Mikey. I am a Blue Front Amazon Parrot. I am 5 1/2 years old. My Mama has to do this for me, since I haven't learned yet how to type. I am however learning how to talk.mikey My favorite word right now is Hello Babe. I also do a mean wolf whistle, and if I see a Cat, I bark at it. I have also learned afew other words, and go through my whole repetoire, daily, practising.I was a gift to my Mama and Daddy, from Mama's best friend Karen, after my big brother Billy died in a horrible fire. I could have learned a lot from him, from what I hear. But Mama says I am very smart, so I guess I will learn on my own. I love people, and will go to anyone, and sit on their shoulder, and preen their hair. I love to give kisses too. I am already making lots of friends.I have now become a "Pet Therapy Bird" visitng nursing homes once in a while.


menmikeyThis is me and my Mom, my Dad got a digital camera for xmas, and loves to take pictures, which is fine, since I love having my picture taken:)I have lots of pictures of my friends and family. There's a link from one page to the next Pictures I also love to climb off my cage, and wander all over the place, mostly though, I climb from my Dad, and walk over to my Mom, so I can see what she is doing on her puter.One of these days I am gonna grab her mouse pad, it looks good enough to chew on, besides, I think Dad would rather I chew on that than his fingers:)




This is my new baby sister, Prissy. Prissy is a Green Rumped Parrotlet. I am not real impressed with her as yet cause all she does is "Peep".Besides she is so little, I can't play with her.But she sure likes my Dad. They have peeping contests, she usually wins though. Mom hasn't made her a web page yet, but she says she is working on it. Check out my other pages, and My Moms and Dads pages, and all my great pictures.Oh and don't forget to check out my Great Escape Guaranteed to make you laugh.




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