Life and Times of a Chinese Shar Pei

Hi There ! My name is Crease and I am a Chinese Shar Pei. That's me on the right at about 6 weeks old.

My picture

Shortly after this pcture was taken I was picked up by my new family. It was a dark and dreary day in Pennsylvania, sleet, snow and ice. They took me into the wilds of the Northwestern part of the state. To someplace called Warren. God knows that I had no idea where I was... there was no MOM, no brothers, no sisters, I was miserable. After about a 3 hour drive we arrived at my new home. The first thing these crazy people did was to let me out in the backyard. Didn't they know there was 3" of SNOW!!! It was almost up to my belly. But, being the perfect representative of my breed, I did what my MOM (whimper, whimper) had taught me......

Of course once I got home all the neighbors had to come in and see the new kid on the block. A couple of them are shown below..... that's Greg and then Carla

My picture

My picture

My interests are:

Travel (Dogs Love Cars !!), Ice Hockey (You got to see me on ice) and of course other Shar Pei

My picture

That's my owner/mom above. I am about 3 years old here.

Look GOOD don't I?

My picture

Here I am in my prime

My picture

This is my Main Man..... This picture is Of him in a hot air balloon over London!! (The city that Pato LOVES!!!)Of course while he is in London I'm stuck in the kennel,which happens to be the world famous Angove's Farm Kennels in Akley, PA.

Myself and my owners live in Warren, PA. Warren is a small town of about 10,000 people and is the county seat of Warren County. Folks, let me tell you, this is SNOW country an yours truly does NOT like the white stuff. Give me 70 degrees and a sunny spot on the grass and I am a happy camper.

You can e-mail me at I will answer all mail !! Especially from ladies !!

Please come back soon and visit me.

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