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This webring is being created for the Animals. My goal is simply to make good information available to anyone who wishes to help out! There are so many good sites on the internet designed to tell you how and why the animals need your help, I hope this webring will make access to those sites even easier. Some of you may be able to offer your time, some your money, and some even a home to a homeless pet, whatever you can do, it ALL helps! So PLEASE do what you can, if we all do, there will be brighter futures for some unconditionally, loving little creatures!
Please NOTE: While many of these pages relate to or are designed with dog and cat themes, this site was designed with ALL animals; Domesticated, wildlife, captured, etc. in mind. ALL animals that aren't living as well as they could in the manner they SHOULD be allowed to exist need our help!

Silence, indifference and inaction were Hitlers principle allies (Lord Jakoboirts)
Make noise, make a difference and be active for the Animals! (United4Pets)

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