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Canine Health and Psychology Issues:

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Health and Psychology Issues: pages included on CockerCondo

Psychology,Training and Medical Links: links to other websites

  • Living with an "Alpha" (dominant) dog
  • New Vaccination Protocol
  • Causes of and cures for "bad" behavior
    • Common causes of "BAD" Behavior the Chesapeake Bay Retriever Relief and Rescue. This article is targeted to owners of rescued Chessies, but so much of what is described in it also applies to rescued Cockers.
    • Aggression Lynda Montgomery, Chesapeake Bay Retriever Relief and Rescue volunteer in Arizona
    • The Secret Savvy of Pet Sitters on the PetSmart.com website, talks about how the professionals deal with jumping up, leash pullers, working with shy dogs and many other issues.
  • Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome: it's NOT just "old age"
    • Contrary to popular belief, the signs of old age aren't always signs of old age. They could be signs of a medical condition known as canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome. Learn more on the canine drug Anipryl's home page.
  • When you have to find a new home for your pet:
    • Chow Chow Rescue has a wonderful "booklet" on their website about placing your dog. It is written for chow chow owners, but I think all breed owners could benefit from their experience. It discusses shelters, advertising, temperment testing, tells what questions to ask prospective adopters and gives and example of an adoption contract. This article was adapted from "When You Can't Keep Your Chow Chow" by Karen Privitello, Lisa Hrico & Barbara Malone.
  • Canine epilepsy and canine hypothyroidism
    • A web-site with comprehensive information about canine epilepsy and canine hypothyroidism, along with an overview of other diseases that cause seizures such as lead poisoning, distemper, tick borne diseases etc. In addition, they have a group of people who will provide support and answer questions about this disease. Unfortunately epilepsy is genetic and is becoming more and more common in pure bred dogs. Some vets are still not knowledgeable about treating epilepsy and recommend that dogs be put to sleep needlessly. The goal of this site is to educate owners and help them live long and happy lives with their epileptic dogs. Please visit Epi Lifeline Guardian Angels
  • Eating Feces (Coprophagia): what to do about this habit

Disclaimer: the information set forth in any and all of the above links is based on personal research and experience as a pet owner. I am NOT a vet, and there is no substitute for good veterinary care. Use this information as a starting point for your own research, and CONSULT YOUR DOG'S VETERINARIAN.

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