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Mickey, Buddy and Freckles -- spring 2001

Below are some dogs that touched our lives here at the Condo. Some lived with us as pets. Some were fosters. All taught us something, and left a mark on our hearts.

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Mickey Doodles, aka Mickey-no-eyes

Mickey came to us as a foster just before Checkmate passed away in June 1998. He was five years old at time. His owner gave him up because her new boyfriend had been abusing him.

In the next 7 years, Mickey managed to worm his way more firmly into my heart than any other dog ever has and probably ever will. Mickey got me through the pain of the end of my marriage, I got him through the pain of glaucoma and subsequent blindness. He will forever be "my Dude".


Bubba was at least 9 years old, possibly 12 when two rescuers pulled him from a home in Washington DC when they went to collect another dog. They found Bubba there too, totally bald from mange. Bubba came to us as a foster in Feb 2001. He "adopted us" the following August. During his 4-year tenure here, he went to schools and scout meetings as a rescue ambassador. He "talked" to the Pet Psychic. We weren't entertaining enough to make it on tv, but we had fun. He helped the foster dogs feel welcome and safe.

Bubba was my quiet dog, my classy one. The 4 noise makers are all still here, but our home feels very empty without him. We miss him...

King Budweiser Movin On

Occupied and "regined over" the Condo from Feb 20th, 1988 til his death December 22, 2002. Buddy was the first cocker spaniel to grace our home.

Buddy will always have a spot in our hearts. Go with God, my beloved. I'll see you at the Rainbow Bridge someday.


"Herky" was our first foster, (and my first rescue) -- round about Easter 1999. And while he didn't stick around long, he was the start of something big....

Update: in 2007, Herky, now named Chance, found his way back into cocker rescue. His owner had lost her home and the two of them were living together in her car. This time, Chance stayed in foster care until God called him to the Rainbow Bridge.


Aristotle was never a guest at the Condo, but he was special to me. Ari came from the local shelter, a stray. He was probably over ten years old when we pulled him into rescue. Ari is gone now, but many of the Oldies But Goodies volunteers loved this special boy.


Tiny Floppy landed in the shelter when her owner went into a nursing home and couldn't take her along. We didn't realize it at the time, but Floppy was also a very ill little girl. Foster mom wouldn't give up on her, and even adopted her. Floppy went to the Rainbow Bridge March 23rd, 2001.

She only spent two days in the Condo, but she, too left her mark.


Boomer was one of my all time favorite foster dogs. He spent Christmas 1999 with us, came back for a two week visit in September 2000 while "mom" went on vacation, and is welcome back ANY time. What a dream dog!

Update spring 2009: Boomers adoptive mom tells me that he is still the light of her life an doing well.


I thought this little man was going to be "my baby". He did too. But when he couldn't reconcile himself to living peacefully with pre-teen children in the house, Freckles had to move to an adult household. He took a part of my heart with him.


In the two months Lady spent with us, she taught me so much. Lady was a very sick little girl. She suffered from seizures, and her meds made her stoned that she would walk into walls.

But Lady never lost her gentle nature, her love shone out of her unusual shaped eyes. All she wanted was attention, kindness, a lap to lie in. I had to make the tough decision to send Lady to the Rainbow Bridge when the seizures became daily occurrences.

Charlie Brown

"CB" was my longest-staying-foster (to date). He hung out with us for 7 months. We got him through a case of scarcoptic mange and the diagnoses of Cushings Disease. And then magic happened. CB met Beth, who was to become his "forever mom". He never looked back. From time to time, Beth sends emails and pictures. CB has blossomed in his final home. He was just waiting for Beth to find him.

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