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Nicholson sketch

There are lots of GR-R-R-R-EAT Cocker Spaniel web sites and OTHER canine sites out there worth visiting. we've listed some here:

The cocker sketch opposite by Nicholson (England, circa 1935), is reprinted from Hutchinson's Encyclopaedia

foster & smith Doctors Foster and Smith have a wonderful catalog chock full of pet supplies, medicines (even prescription stuff) and feel-better items like orthopaedic beds (and rawhide chew bones)! And now they've expanded onto the Internet.

I love to shop their catalog: they're more economical than the vet or pet store (even with the shipping charges), and they have great articles on pet care too. And now that they're on the WWW, we can learn even more tricks to keep our "boys" happy and healthy.

CCCC logo The Capital City Cocker Club has all kinds of information for cocker owners and fanciers. CCCC is a non-profit organization for people in the Washington DC area interested in the Cocker Spaniel. The Club publishes a newsletter and hosts numerous events, including Agility Matches, Conformation Shows, Obedience Trials, an annual Eye Clinic, and Fun Matches.

Look what the Zookeeper's Dog House sent to us!

Meagan's Award We are proud to announce that we are the recipients of Meagan's Award. Click on the award to read what it's all about and learn about other recipients. Thanks, Jude!

Meet Kyra!

We've syber-adopted Kyra. We found her at WWSS. They base their "adoptable" cyber-pets on real, homeless, animals in a shelter in Tennessee.

The "real" Kyra is about 1 year old and she was abandoned. She looks like a Cocker Spaniel mix, doesn't she? Well, if she's not, she's now an "honorary Cocker"!

WWSS - Woodro & Wendy's Syber-Shelter
I adopted my pet from WWSS

Maggie's Award

We've also received Maggie's "Cocker Spaniel Award"! Click on this icon to visit Maggie's page. Thank you, Connie.

Gizmo's Buddy

We're proud to be considered one of Gizmo's Buddies! CockerCondo took first place in the Technology Division (Websites) in the 1999 Damascus (MD) Community Fair. And "Mr. Budweiser" -- aka Buddy -- also brought home a blue ribbon. He's got the best trick in town!

dog.gif Be sure to visit Gizmo (and the Perry Pack), his "mom" has done a lot of rescue work, and she's the webmistress for Alley Animals. He tells some really great stories. It's amazing what some humans do!

jake's award

Jake is another rescued dog on the Internet. He's an Army dog, waiting for his "Dad" to come home from the service. He gave us a Golden Goodie Award, so we're giving him a link back! Click on his link, read his story, and see to whom else he gave awards! One day, we opened our e-mail to find this gem! Stop by and visit Shannon's site. His "mommy" was so sad at his passing, but now she has a happy ending. She said Checkmate's story made her cry. Visit and find out why!

American Spaniel Club logo
Be sure to visit The American Spaniel Club's Rescue page. It contains a general guide to setting up a Cocker Spaniel rescue group and rescue guidelines. Of course, the American Spaniel Club's website is a wonderful resource for the breed in general.

This is what it's all about! It's wonderful to be a voice for those that can't speak for themselves. And Pet'escue does a wonderful job at it!

dog.gifOak Ridge Cockers has a web site for and about Cocker Spaniels and their owners. They call it the Cocker Spaniel Information Pages. They have EVERYTHING there, from colors to health issues to breeders to links to other dog's home pages, you name it ...

Like the tribute art on "Checkmate's Story" page?
It's compliments of Diabella Loves Cats.
And they've also bestowed us with their Handsome Award!

Ginger Von Stallog's "people" came by to visit CockerCondo one day, and left us a wonderful surprise!

(How did they know that Mom is a sucker for those tan eyebrows?????)


Louise is an artist specializing in dog portrait sculpture and figurines. She has black, buff, red and chocolate Cocker Spaniels in her line of "Claynines" plus custom painting for other colors. She donate 10% of all Cocker Claynines sold to Oldies But Goodies Cocker Spaniel Rescue. Click on her link to learn more.


dog.gifAnd, of course, the American Kennel Club (AKC) has a web page devoted to Cocker Spaniels. It just confirms what wonderful dogs we really are!

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