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Some Ancestors of Our Dogs

(Be patient, lots of pictures.)

Rock & Judy's Tazmanian Devil

Rock & Judy's Tazmanian Devil

This dog was the foundation stud for Rock's Kennels, owner Judy Dills. Indian Bolio and Adam's CH Zebo are both in the 4th gen. of his pedigree. He is in Loney's 3rd generation twice, and in Frosty's 5th generation twice.


Rock's (Reborn's) In Your Face Patti

This is Loney's dam and Frosty's Great-Grandmother. She is Taz's grand-daughter, as well as Jeb's grand-daughter.

Boo Boo

'PR' Bodacious Boo Boo

This is Patti's mother, and Loney's Grandmother. Boo Boo is the foundation brood bitch for Rock's Kennels. She appears once in Frosty's 3rd and once in his 4th generation. She is the daughter of U-CD GR CH 'PR' Richard's General Stuart (Jeb), who is pictured next.

Richard's General Stuart

U-CD GR CH 'PR' Richard's General Stuart (Jeb)

This is Boo Boo's father. He appears in Loney's 3rd & 4th, and in Frosty's 4th and 5th generation.


GR CH 'PR' Cochise's Bad Habits

Cochise is the other foundation stud of Rock's Kennels. He is in Frosty's 2nd and 3rd generations.


Reborn's Full-O-Bull "Bully"

Bully is Patti's daughter and litter sister to Loney. Bred to Cochise she produced Frosty's mother Mocha (below).


Rocks Rage Mocha

Mocha is Frosty's dam. Cochise (pictured above) is her father, Bully is her mother, and Patti (above) is her grandmother.

Ducky Ducky

'PR' York's Duck A L'Orange

(On the left is an older version, on the right is a shot of a younger Ducky.)

Ducky is Frosty's father. His relatives can be seen in the book, "The Working Pit Bull" by Diane Jessep. His mother is York's CH Tiffany, and her parents are U-CD GR CH York's Blue Bandit TT and U-CD York's Cherub OFA. His father is 'PR' Cleary's Archibald. (All pictured below.)

Archie Tiffany

<---- 'PR' Cleary's Archibald

UKC CH York's Tiffany ---->

Ducky's parents & one set of Frosty's Grandparents.

Bandit Cherub

<--- U-CD GR CH York's Blue Bandit TT

U-CD York's Cherub OFA --->

Tiffany's parent's and therefore one set of Frosty's Great Grandparents. Another set are Cochise and Boo Boo pictured above. Photos courtesy of Ginny York.






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