Hi I'm Riley and as you can see in the picture I am one handsome looking dog. I was born May 4, 1997. My owner was told and given papers stating that I am a Large Pomeranian and not very common. But no matter what breed I am, I do believe I am one very loved dog!
Now to tell you some things I love:
People- probably my favorite thing in the world. I have to lick and rub my body all over them! No one gets by me.
My stuff animals- lamb, and Monkey. I have had 7 monkeys in my short life. They are my favorite, If I would just stop biting the head off and the tail! I have had many of other stuff animals in my young life but these two I will just not part with.
I love to chase- anything that moves! I really love to leap in the air and attack bees! Yes I said bees! I haven't gotten stung yet. I will attack other bugs flying or not. I love to run and catch baby birds that have fallen out of their nests. My owner though won't let me keep the birds. How strange? I did catch a toad once and swallowed it before my owner could get it. She got scared and called the Vet. I was sick for a few days but am okay as you can tell.
I love to eat -rawhides mainly chicken though I will except any kind. My owner won't let me eat human food she says it isn't good for me. Oh well she gives me yummy rawhides so I guess that's all right.
Well this is all I have to say for now and there will be more later on the life of Riley......... Make sure you check out the cute puppy pictures of me and some more pictures!
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Started on September 22, 1998.
Redid on May 2004