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Tally the Vizsla's Page
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Scattered Pawprints and Puppy Love
To see what kind of things Spirit and Nikki did to win this award, click here.

The Puppy Pages
To see what Spirit, Banzai and Elvis did to wini the award,
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Spirit: I like to run out the front door and have my mom and dad chase me around the neighborhood!
Banzai: I like to grab pens, plastic bottles, or just about anything off of the coffee table and chew them up!
Elvis: I pee beside the sofa a lot, but I'm old so I can do what I want to!

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The Amazing Dog Award

Scattered Pawprints and Puppy Love

"Well, my dog Spirit has never done anything totally brave and heroic, but if you click on the button
Spirits Page, and then go to the page called Spirits Love, you will see how she did save my life"

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