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If you haven't guessed by now I am a Doberman Pinscher. We have been known as vicious, malicious, neurotic, unstable and even killers, who have turned on your masters.I am NOT a vicious dog, I am NOT an attack dog, I am NOT a killer. I AM a dog of unconditional love, devotion, energetic, elegance,fearless and obedient who is a dovoted companion to my family. I am easy to teach and quick to learn.

I was welped here in Centralia, Wa at Mydobe's kennels. I was 7 months old when I arrived at my second home. Due to circumstances I was returned, but just in a day or two I was elated when my new owner fell in love with me. I must admit, I did make myself at home, when I was brought over to be introduced. I couldn't have been happier, when I was accepted to stay for good!

My mother, brother and I have aunts, that are showing (look at my photo album) but I am just a pet, enjoying the good life, having fun, taking my daily walks, playing with toys and bones, and being a couch potatoe.

I am currently working on my obedience and hopefully I will get to compete soon, then maybe get into doing some agility also. (Mom says I need to work off my extra energy I have) If that time doesn't come, thats alright too. Life is a bowl full of treats, so I will be content to be who I am.(spoiled!)

Please take a look at what I have accomplished on my Obedience page!! I am now 3 yrs old and my mom is very proud of me. As of March 2000 we have recieved our CD!

As of Jan 2001 I am still working on my CDX in Open A. I will be sure to update you on my progress. ADDED is a vidio clip of me practicing in my yard. Go to my obedience page and click on the next link. This will take you to my CDX training page.

In Aug of 2001 we received 1st place in Open A. This is our first leg! Out of 9 dogs entered that day I was the ONLY dog to qualify! So 1/3 of the way in accomplish my CDX!

Oct 14th was another good day! I now have recieved my 2nd leg in Open A! One more to go!

We did it! I have now finish Open A on Jan 11,2002 and earned the title of CDX!!

If you see me out for my walks, please take the time to come and see me. Don't walk across the street, but ask if I can be petted, I would love the attention. The majority of Dobe owners would love to have YOU come and learn about us.

Always remember, when choosing a dog is for life, not for a few months, or a couple of years, but for the duration of our lives. We only ask for your gentle touch upon us, your devotion of care and love, which we only return with our unconditional love.

I have put up Doberman links, personal pages, and other links for you to enjoy. Please take the time to browes through and learn more about the Doberman and see what great, lovable, wonderful dogs we are!

HEALTH NEWS: 8/05 My sweet Senta has been diagnosed with Lymposarcoma. She had swollen tissue around a tooth.. That was removed,the tissue was sent in. I had xrays done and she also has a mass in her chest area that is pushing her heart forward. Unfortunally this is not a option for surgery. I have also decided to have a second openion on the Xrays this next week, to see what this 'mass' is.They didnt concur that is was a tumor as of yet. Lets hope not, but possibliities it may be an abdominal hernia. Right now she is doing fine,with no changes.

I epecially want to thank the Special Needs Dobermans911 for thier generious help in the xrays and blood work. Please take a moment and look at the site I have posted below. Donations are always being taken for these dogs and many are in need.. Even a couple of dollars will help... Also look at the auction they have right now!! ( the braclet is really awesome) UPDATE: Xrays came back and its very good news!! No cancer in her body! Lets hope she will stay clear for many yrs to come!!! Periodically checkups will be needed to watch that the lymposarcoma wont reappear..

We have added a new member to our family(June 02)..Her name is Millie and she is a Boston Terrier. If you would like to see the little pest go to Millies Page.

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