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October 1997, VirginiaSummer 2000, Michigan TrailerAutumn 1997, Virginia

This is Rocket, the pup of indiscriminate parentage. 


Name Rocket
Born 21 August 1997
Number of Siblings 8
Color Chocolate with a vertical white chest blaze
Mom Pepper
Dad Tucker (1/4 German Shepard)
Birthplace Virginia
Current Home north eastern Michigan
Weight 106 Pounds
Places Visited Massachusetts, Delaware and Maryland as well as numerous rest stops along the way
Stuff he does on Command Sit, Lay Down, Come (most of the time)Stay, Beg (on his haunches, front paws in the air), Wait (sit a biscuit on his paw and watch him drool), Paw (aka Shake Hands)

Rocket is one of the best companions a gal could want. He's loyal, faithful, friendly, and large. I love a large dog! Luna, his devilish little sister has become another wonderful companion in an entirely different way. She's loyal, friendly, mischievous and very affectionate (Rocket has always expressed his affection from afar). And though this website was originally dedicated to all things Rocket I don't think he minds sharing the spotlight. It might allow him to get a little sleep, after all he'll be 11 this year!


Some of the things Rocket likes to do:

Retrieving, Chewing, Digging, Splashing, and Toys

Introducing Luna!

More Photos!                                   

Rocket's Little Sister


 Lab Facts

 Rocket's New Neighbors! 2004!!

Rocket's Diary & Wildlife Encounters!

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This page is under going some major changes in 2007. And it's about time too! If only I could actually find some time to make those changes!

Email Rocket and me at rocket_land@yahoo.com
please come back soon and visit us.

 Some of my interests when not playing with Rocket are:
Gardening, Stargazing, Oil Painting, Crochet and Quilting.


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