"I am always doing that which I can not do,
in order that I may learn how to do it". -Pablo Pawcasso

Save a life.
Adopt a stray or shelter cat.

Memorial to Biffy

My name is Biffy . I am a cat .
But, I am not just any cat .
My Mom and Dad think I am just a cute bundle of fur.....
I allow them to think that . Actually ,
I took over their household almost immediately
upon my arrival in their home . Most certainly, I took over
my Mom's heart the moment she looked at me .

Of course , all you felines out there know what I mean .
It is a plot on the part of felines everywhere to overcome
negativity and replace it with warm , fuzzy feelings .
When all the world is finally smitten by kittens , then ,
and only then , will the world be the place it should be...
a place where love abounds , joy fills our hearts ,
and everyone walks around with a smile on his or her face .

I just signed up for my new homepage on October 2 , 1998 .
It will take me a while to move in , but I want to begin by
dedicating this homepage to my big brother , Siva , who
became a Rainbow Angel on October 30 , 1997 .
I miss him so much , and I know Mom and Dad do , too...
especially Mom because she cries for him often .
I will post his picture , along with many others
as soon as I get my files set up . Mom said I could borrow
some of hers . Meanwhile , you can see Siva and
the entire family at Shirley Thinks

I am so surprised and excited!!
I have just received my first award!!
It was presented to me by Aubrey,
a terrific Himalayan who owns
Wendell and Nancy Deer With Horns.
You can visit their beautiful
Native American Indian Site,
by clicking on their award.
Aubrey's Great Site Award
Thank you so much, Aubrey,
for my first award.
This is Aubrey in "HER" spot,
and she lets Wendell & Nancy know it, too!

Aubrey sent me a new picture.

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