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Smidgen1W.JPG (16154 bytes)Hi! My name is Isis and this is my web page. I'm the little black cat over to your left, as you may have guessed. This site is mainly devoted to cats, but hopefully we will soon have some different sites that have a little something for everyone. This page is still under construction, so come back and visit us to see whats new. Now I'll tell you more about me. I was named after Isis, Catwoman's cat, from Batman: The Animated Series. There is also an Egyptian Goddess called Isis, so I think my name fits me quite well.

Click here to go to the Isis Links page to see some of my favorite links and links to our other pages, including the Catwoman page and some links to pictures of the guys that Uncle Boogie and Uncle Tygie were named after.

What's New

Two members of our feline family have passed away, Boogie Bear & Tygra. Click on their names to see their memorial page. Isis misses them very much. :(

We have a new member family member named Pumpkin. Click on his name to see pictures of him.

IsisEmailW copy1.gif (25967 bytes)Please email us. EmmaGFrost@yahoo.com

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