Ms. Jenny
My Name is "Jenny"
I am 10 feet Tall and I weigh 1.5 pounds

 This is Why

I Have a vicious Attitude
All the other Dogs in the Family
are afraid of Me, Because I am Tough!!!

I was born on September 28, 1998

I Rule this house !
I won't let anyone forget it either!
All of the chew bones are MINE,
All the toys are MINE,
All the Kibbles & Bits are MINE,
Any Sticks, Socks, Rocks, & Slippers are MINE,
All the Toilet Paper Rolls, are MINE,
Mommy "Trudy" is ALL MINE !!!!

I will Yip, and Yip, and Yip, until I get my
Way...  It gives everyone a headache, so they just
give up,...  The wimps...

Here is a Picture of Me Chewing up My Step Brother

Because he tried to steal one of my 12 Chew Bones
I have Needle Sharp Teeth!!!
Benji getting Chewed On
He's Such a Wimp


Well  That was Fun being a puppy..
Now I am a Mommy !!

I Can Still Be a Brat..  See... I'm sticking out my Tongue!


This is me and the Daddy of the New Babies Below
Boo Boo


Yep... Take a look at my newest Litter of Kids.
Born June 5, 2004
3 Boys

Here are some baby pictures of them,
when they were first born.
I hope you fall in Love with them.!
Email Mommy Trudy about how to take us home in 6 or 7 weeks
I Know you have to pay a 50% deposit,
That's a Promise Deposit

Hi !  My Name is King Beau
I was the First Born on
June 5, 2004 - at 3:16 p.m.
I weigh only a few Ounces.. and when I grow up I'll be very tiny. But with a Big Attitude!!
King Beau
Hi !  My Name is Kahluey Joe
I was the Second Born on
June 5, 2004 - at 4:20 p.m.
I weigh only a few Ounces.. and when I grow up I'll be just a little guy, but I'll be brave & fearless !!
Kahluey Joe
Hi !  My Name is Kappy Boo
I was the Last Born on
June 5, 2004 - at 5:23 p.m.
I weigh only a few Ounces.. and when I grow up
I'll be Just like my Daddy Boo!
Kappy Boo

In Loving Memory

of My other Sisters & Brothers
That have all passed away now.

   Bobbie                  Bonnie                  Spook                    Sissy


Yuma, Arizona

No CAT alive will do this to ME !!



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