petz lovers against hexie redistribution.

Welcome to P.L.A.H.R., a sitelet addressing what is quickly becoming a serious problem in the Petz community.

Let's play pretend for a while, shall we? You've hexed a breed. It's a beautiful breed, a magnificent breed. A breed like no other. It's an instant hit, the latest craze of the community. You are floating on air because you have hexed the next Border Collie. Then, you go to several sites. What do you see?

Boom. Your breed. Your precious creation, posted everywhere for download,  with or without credit given, it doesn't matter. You posted on your site that this breed was not to be redistributed on other sites, yet still here it is. Some sites claim they are getting around the restriction by linking directly to YOUR download on your server, but they are violating your rights just as much.

Not a nice feeling, eh?

Well, certain members of the Petz community end up feeling that way a lot. They are the creatives of the community, those who hex breeds, clothes, and other items for the good of the community. But still their rights are trampled on, as if by sharing their creations they give away every shred of right they have. And that's wrong. Does an author find copies of his work everywhere after he is published? It's the same thing, you know, sharing a creation. Yet we give the author respect enough not to do that. Why don't we give the same considerations to the creatives of the Petz world?

Join us. Breed redistribution must stop. Say no to those sites with massive collections of other people's creations, that redistribute hexed breeds or clothes without the permission of the creators. Say no to unauthorized conversions - did you know that even if you convert a breed from P3 to P4, you cannot redistribute it or put it up for download without the permission of the original creator? It's true, take a gander at copyright law for yourself. Just say no and boycott those sites without the creativity to make breeds of their own, those who take without asking, those who steal. And support the creatives of your community, those who create new wonders for you to enjoy.

Join us. Take a banner or a button. Link to Spread the word around the community that you stand for the rights of original hexers everywhere. It's your community - what would it be like without those people? Think about it...

P.L.A.H.R. is a joint project of Cybriar and Daizy Kennels.
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