My Four Furry Felines

Hello everyone! My name is Liz, and I live in beautiful Vancouver, B.C., Canada

I'm owned by four cats - Daffney, Destiny, Lil'Stingray and Betty Boop. I love taking photos of my girls, and have dedicated a Photo Page for each one of them.

Some of my interests include gourmet cooking, travelling, camping, beachcombing, walking, bowling, and gardening.

See Daffney's Photo Page!
See Destiny's Photo Page!
See Lil'Stingray's Photo Page!
See the Boopster's Photo Page!
Check out all four girls dressed up in their Harley Jacket ~ They're born to be wild!

Always loved, never forgotten ~ March 1, 1998

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I'm always looking for a good recipe. If you have any to share, please post away!


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