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Okay If there are any Spellling Steaks drool drool
IT'S CAUSE I'M A DOG And dogs don't spell!! LOL
But it can't be that bad look at this nefty award I recieved


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Tia's Story

Hi My Name is Tia and I'm a Dachsund, I'd Like to
Dedicate this page to my late owner Vern Friesen,
May he rest in peace, My owner passed away on August
22 1998
In St.Albert Alberta Canada at the age of
I had
4 good years with himi was spoiled
I travelled from Winnipeg to St Albert with My Dad In May
On our Journey we stopped in Calgary and Met Cam, Lynn,
Jessica And Cole they were cool people they melted when they seen me
Then we finshed our Road trip To Edmonton where we went
To stay with some of my dad's friends.
until we could move to our house in St.Albert
In July Cam & Lynn and kids Came out to see us
and we went to Calling Lake and stayed at a friends Cabin
Had a blast there I became really good buddies With Lynn
she made sure i stayed warm her sweatshirt was mighty toasty
then on our way back home We stopped and showed them our new House
Then they headed back to Calgary In August
Vern and I moved into our New house It was sure nice
It was big and little dog like me could get lost in there
But i soon knew my way around the home. Aug
Cam and Lynn & Kids came to visit us in our new house
The kids went swimming in the swimming pool you
wouldn't catch me in the water I think i'm part feline
because i do not like water. Saturday the kids were up
bright and early and swimming in the pool after Lunch
they then went to West Edmonton Mall I wanted to go
but they said No so me and Dad went cruising around.
When the kids got back they went Swimming
then we had supper and watched some tv and went to bed
Sunday it was raining i wouldn't even go outside
but those nutty kids were swimming again.
After brunch they packed up and were headed home. I was sad to see them go
Then the Aug 22 my world crumbled right before me
My Dad was taken to the Hospital and never to be seen again
I moped around the house Ray (dad's roommate)was quiet too
Sunday Cam arrived with his Brother Carey and Laura (carey's wife)
I knew something was wrong Dad wasn't home
and i had been watching for him but he never came home
I didn't want to eat or play just laid on my dad's
sweatshirt he wore on friday. Cam and Carey were worried about me.
Cam called Lynn and said something wrong with Tia
she's not eating and won't do anything just lays there
Lynn explained to Cam that i was suffering the loss of Vern
and said the best thing for me was to get out of the house
and away from dad's scent so on tuesday Cam was head home
And into the truck I went for a another new Journey to a new home
We arrived in Calgary at
12:30 am the kids were already sleeping...
I wasn't as upset anymore but still not up to par
Next morning the kids were happy to me as i was them
And it was like a new Life began again.
the kids took me out for
3 walks the very first day
i still get depressed once in awhile hoping vern will come back
man that would sure make me smile, The kids started school
and walks everyday what more could a dog ask for
kids were fussing over me calling me names
didn't matter to me I go for walks everyday
the weather has changed and it's very cold
i prefer to sleep in a duvet than go out in the cold.
Come nack and see me another time to see what's
new in my little memory

Tribute to My late Owner

Love From Cam & LynnLove From Jessica & Cole
Love From Tia

Memories keep the one you loved Close to you
in spirit and thought and always in your heart,
today and forever.

Please Leave your tracks in my guestbook


Trevor's Prayer

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