Wow! Mom made me a new background for my net home!

This is the web home of a cat named Gremlin
Also know as "She Who Must Be Obeyed"

ALL DOGS - GO AWAY! Other cats, too.
But if you're a (tasty) little fish or bird, then come right in!
(All other animals, check with the web Mom first. She knows what scares me.)

(Welcome, Crickets!!)

*A Cat's Diary or
My Early Days
*The Creation Of Cats/
*Being Kept by A Cat
*"Calling In Sick"
A Cat Owner's Story
*Cat Haiku
and Links
*Pics of Me
I am So Cute!
*Cat Bathing as a
Martial Art
*Cat One-Liners
Very Funny!
*Cat Bathing-
Method II
*Cat Rules
Tried and True
*Cruel Tricks to
Play on Cats
*Webrings of
Famous Cats
for Cats & Their humans

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