Bootsy, my first cat, keeping Nicky company

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The purpose of this web page is to share stories about our beloved pets, especially cats. It seems that our cats know us better than our selves. They know when we need a hug, a lick on our face, or just a good laugh.

I currently own two cats, a boy and a girl. Their names are Pawley and Nicky. Nicky came to me under unusual circumstances. A friend of mine found four kittens abandoned near her home. They were only two weeks old; no sign of their mother. She kept them for about a week, but feeding them from an eye dropper was too time consuming for her. She worked two jobs and had a baby.

Dave & Mindy
My brother Dave and Mindy
Hear Mindy whine for attention!

I was helping her feed the kittens when I decided to take two of them home with me. My friend would then only have to care for two. My parents decided to take one and I the other. That day they were Mindy and Nicky. I did not want to separate the two yet, since they were still so young. So they both lived with me for a few more weeks.
Nicky as a baby
Hear Nicky’s growl!

At the time, I had a tom living with me named Bootsy. He would come home only for food. The night I brought Mindy and Nicky home, Bootsy decided to spend the night. I knew that the kittens were too young to be roaming the house, and they weren't “potty trained” yet. Because of this I set up a crib in the bathtub. I had a blanket on one end and a shallow litter box on the other end.

I put the kittens in their bed when Bootsy nosed his way into the bathroom. He saw the litter box in the tub and decided to use it. Then he took each kitten and showed them how to use it. When they were done learning, Boots curled up in their blanket and kept an eye on his little charges.

Lazy Pawley
Pawley napping
Hear Pawley’s cry!

Eventually, Mindy was old enough to go to my parent’s home alone, and Bootsy decided to find a new home. Before Bootsy left he was a massive 26 pounds. About six months ago, Pawley came into the scene, another little tom. He and Nicky are best friends now.

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