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Hey everybody, I finally got off my chair and decided to update my page totally. Do you like my breed? (For those of you who don't know, I, Bula the Barking Basset am a 10 year old basset living in Wisconsin) Do you think you want to get a basset like me? Well, if you do there is a site where you can find a whole bunch of Basset Rescue links. Now, a basset rescue organization rescues bassets who need a home to call their own. Are you still interested? Visit the Daily Drools' rescue page. I am sure you will make some basset very happy if you do! In the mood for some good basset sites? I just created a Friends site I just created a Basset Funny page! If you're in for a huge Basset laugh you have come to the right place!
Guess what! I got a scanner for Christmas!! Now I have a picture page. Why not visit Bula's Picture page
Before you go PLEASE sign my guestbook! Why not visit Heather's website! Or, visit my awards and links page. Or even better yet, visit my MY NEW CHRISTMAS PAGE!! Or visit my voting booth for the cutest dog. Send pics. I need pics or I cannot keep it going. PLease visit my voting page!> On the bottom of my site you will see that there is a window thing ( I am not sure what to call it) that you can notify friends of my site with. You can also get on for your own site! Just click on the link. I will probably increase traffic to your site! Remember, I will update soon! Until then, I will resume my usual activities, which are sleeping and eating. Thanks, and a big, ARRRRRROOOOOOOOOOH to you! go to Heather's Room. go to Jarred's page!
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The Daily Drool-a cool site about bassets

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