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Be sure to check out the NEW Farm! It has puzzles, fun games,Web page/html help, an official color chart ( that includes Netscape as well as the IE browser),how to write meta tags,how to write email forms, an "Ask punkie" page, a very large section for searching ..all are geared so kids can make a successful web site..with some fancy stuff on it..but also help for adults that need a quick refresher-on things to make their pages zip along. Please pass the word along about this site....AS Punkie has,worked hard and long hours to make it a site like no other in Petsburgh..a site set up for kids and adults alike.... You will find it

I would like to extend a BIG welcome to Petsburgh's newest members, Ken and Noella. I am hoping you both will become a big part of our lives here and am so glad you decided to join us. Noella, lost her dog JR at the same time she joined us. It has been about a week now and JR has not returned, but we are still not giving up hope. Continue to pray for them both please.

I am proud to announce that our new contest is up and running. Be sure to invite everyone you run across on the internet to submit their great animal and pets sites to us. Pay the contest a visit at the link below and please add it to any indexes you may have up on your sites leading to Petsburgh so everyone can find it.

We now have a ADD YOUR OWN LINKS page at the Station. So be sure you add your sites and encourage all you know with great sites to do the same. You can find it HERE

Had to share this sweet photo of Angel & Buddy sent in by our Qedrin. Did you ever see such adorable faces? Thank you Q, I just love looking at them!

We have a new webring! It is called "Animal Kindness, Teach It & Live-It If you haven't had a chance to join it, please do so as it sends out a message to the public that we need to convey. If we all teach the public and youths of today to be alittle kinder to our pets, maybe we could help eliminate just some of the animal abuse. This is a powerful message and we need to spread it! To join go HERE

Petsburgh wishes to send their condolences to Trina on the passing of one of her feathered friends. We are sorry about your loss and want you to know that we are here should you need us.

Please note that we have added to the index. Petsburgh.Org that Punkie maintains is listed now doubling the chance of visitors finding our Petsburgh. Punkie has also been very busy creating a Petsburgh Triples Border page for us. Give it a visit as it is BEAUTIFULLY done!

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Don't forget, Punkie has created a webring for us at In case you haven't seen Petsburgh's "Official" Webring or have not joined YET, please stop on by and make sure you sign up. You will love the graphic for it! You will find it at

Be sure to visit Petsburgh Graphics. Click on the graphic below to visit and see all the neat animal,and miscellaneous presentations.

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