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to our Feathered Zoo
which is ran by all the birds here!!
That graciously allow us lowly humans to share,
as long as
the food dishes
and the water dishes
are never empty!!
C & C Bird Farms
I Graduated from
Community Leaders
Diploma Community Leaders Program
Thank you Lisa!!
I couldn't have made it
without you!!
As you can see C & C Bird Farms is in the process of a face lift.  I hope that you like the changes.
C & C Bird Farms is a Rescue Facility for Exotic Birds, located in Central Georgia.  We will except any bird, from the age of day one (1) to retired breeders, handicapped birds, all will find a permanent  loving home with us and all of the other babies here at C & C.  The only birds that we cannot except are sick or wild birds that could endanger the babies that already reside with us.
Inside you will find photos and stories of some of our rescued babies,  handfed babies, breeder birds, and  pets of ours and other net friends.
You will also find a recipe swap, craft pages, lots of links to other bird pages, large web ring page and lots more. So grab you a cup of coffee and come join in on all the fun here at
C & C Bird Farms
Madame Birdbrain's Squawk Box
This is my article that I write for the Petsburgh Post
Visit the Post for all sorts of other Pet Pages, Information, and
just doggone good fun
>From Lisa
Thank you Lisa this is surely something to remind me of you!!
There's no place like home award.
Petsburgh Blue Ribbon Award
Petsburgh Post CommitteePetsburgh Post
Petsburgh Community Leaders Excellance Award
Thank You Lisa and catCL
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