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  Our names are Mike and Toni.  The members of The Brat Pack are: Derrin, Possum, Penny, Kira and now the littlest is Cassy. Mike saved Cassy the day she was scheduled to be put down.  We have been cat lovers for years.    Please take a look around and enjoy yourself.  We will try to add new material regularly to keep this site fresh, so check back often!
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Cats aren't just our pets, they're our kids.

We have links to great cat sites including:  a net vet, cat shops, cat chat sites, and other cool feline pages.

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We support the spaying and neutering of cats to help keep the over population of unwanted strays from increasing.

  If you are in need of a good companion, start by looking at your local Humane Society, Animal Shelter, and a local vet may have kittens that need a good home too. Remember, when you find your companion be sure to have it spayed or neutered and vaccinated yearly.
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