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(Last Updated on August 25, 2005)
Hello, Snowcrest is staffed by Dan & Tracy Jarvis along with our kids, Krista & Scott Jarvis. We have been happily involved in purebred dogs for over 12 years.

For now, Snowcrest is taking a hiatus from showing and breeding, but still remain active with our beloved dogs.  Krista is now just ready to start her second year of college, she is pursuing a teaching career (Special Education K-4 Masters) is her goal.  Scott is now a senior in high school and has been active as a class officer as well as a 3 sport varsity letterman (has 8 varsity letters so far).  As a freshman, he was "JV Player of the Year" for Football; as well as making the varsity Baseball team (an honor for a freshman).  As a sophomore, he won the "Golden Glove" award for his starting position at 2nd base for the Baseball team; was a varsity starter (wide receiver & defensive back) for Football; and also made the varsity Basketball team in only his 3rd year in the game.  As a Junior, he was the starting varsity Quarterback for the Football team (9-2 season with a state playoffs berth); a starting varsity Wing for the Basketball team (4th in districts) and awarded the "Most Improved Player of the Year" award; and as a starting utility player varsity Baseball (played 7 out of 9 positions on the field) (3rd in districts, state berth), he was award an "All Area 2nd Team Utility Player" award as well as winning the "Golden Glove Award" for the 2nd year in a row and on a side note, out of 27 attempts at stealing bases, he was successful in 26 (school record being 29).
Satin was one of the first Cresteds to grace our home, and she was also our first Chinese Crested hairless bitch champion.  She is our first Dam of Merit here at Snowcrest and the dam of our group placing Gaby and after 10 faithful years as Tracy's constant companion, Satin crossed the bridge to await her there.  She was known as Am/Int. Ch. Heartcrest Satin Lace, DOM.  Her picture is below and a better ambassador of the breed I'll never know and she will never be replaced in Tracy's heart.

Satin ** slate hairless Chinese Crested
pictured Age 7 1/2  in March 2001

As you can see from the above picture, the Chinese Crested is a wonderful companion with an unusual trait, they are hairless.  They have a crest of hair on their head, a plume of hair on their tail and socks of hair on their feet with a completely bald body that comes in an array of colors from black to white and anything in between.   The Chinese Crested also has a coated counterpart, called a Powderpuff (or puff), that is completely covered with hair over their entire body and with length varying from moderate to long. And again, in a rainbow of colors!!
The Chinese Crested is a very loyal and loving little dog.  They are very smart and can excell in obedience and agility as well as being excellent therapy dogs.  But they also love to be couch potatoes and think they deserve the best seat in house with their own pillow for good measure!!  And don't forget the blanket just in case it gets a little cold!!!  These fun-loving little dogs can worm their way into your heart before you even know it.

Flash ** white & slate spotted hairless Chinese Crested
pictured Age 5 1/2  in June 2003

Here at Snowcrest we strive to produce the best quality Chinese Cresteds that we can.  We have all of our breeding stock eye's tested before breeding to try and assure healthy and problem free eyes in our puppies.  We also vet check our patellas to make sure their 'knees' are not slipping out of joint before breeding.  We also advocate spay/neuter of pet quality puppies (non-breeding quality).
Please visit our other pages for more fantastic pictures of our other dogs and of our upcoming litters.  Also be sure to visit Snowcrest's Juniors Showcase that has pictures of Krista and Scott in their Junior Showmanship endeavors.

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We hope you enjoy visiting all the pages of Snowcrest to see pictures of our dogs (see the links above); news of upcoming litters; and our upcoming & other stars. Plus feel free to email me at the link below if you have any questions about purebred dogs.

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