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You are always welcome at any time. I hope you enjoy your visit to my site.
My site is dedicated to the loves of my life...
Alan, our cats, family research, and theatre..stage and screen.
My pages for my kitties hasn't been updated for sometime.
Many losses over the years, but will try to get that updated.
I have been working on adding my genealogy to my homepage
and working with a Jonathan Moore fan group to bring an underappreciated actor to the masses.
Feel free to look around and I hope you come back often for a visit.

Teri and Alan
A chance for you
to become accquainted
with the two of us.
The Litterbox
This is our page for
our indoor & outdoor kitties
My Family Tree
Or the Briar Patch, as I like to call it. Hope to add more in the way of family pics soon.

My Jonathan Moore Fan Page...
My favorite actor from "1776" and "Amadeus".
as of 10/18/2005!
My "Sister"...
This is my little tribute page to one of my best friends. A lady who has become my "sister"...And we share something a little moore in common than just a love of cats!
as of 6/8/2005
Our Friends!!!
Please check out their sites.
We think they are some the best sites and friends.

My memorial page dedicated to my Uncle Mike.
I am in the process of edited my original so this will updated frequently.
Our Awards...
There are only a few...but we are proud of them.
Our Links...Some of the sites I have found on the Web.
Memorial to our Simba
A memorial page to Simba and
the other furry ones we have lost.

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Please come back soon and visit me.

If you want to see some of our Awards, take a peek.
There are not many!

Thanks for being the Counter visitor to my site!!!

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