This is Lady and Willie.  My cousin Susan is the owner of these two cuties.
This is Luther.  This is Misa's first friend.  We think of him as part of the family.  My friend Shannon is the owner of him.
This is Calvin (left) & Snoofus (right).  Scott is the Daddy of these two cuties.  Scott is one of our internet friends that was so kind to send us these pictures.
Another one of our internet friends sent us this great picture.  This is a great picture of them joy riding.  Looks like fun to me.
This is Pngo (left) & Alex (right).  One of our internet friends was so kind to send us this picture.
From left to right, we have, Shadow, Bear, and Patches.  They are all girls  and are just as cute as they can be.  The owner of these cuties are good friend of ours, Ray & Robin.
This is my grandparents dog, Schindler.  He was born October 31. 1995.  He has been living with my grandparents since December 8, 1996.  He was trained to be a show dog, but did not have the necessary build or 'hair' required.  He loves to play and is always in a good mood.  His Mommie and Daddy Love him very much.  As do I.