Travel with Curly

Welcome to Travels with Curly!! Curly arrived from Mona a few weeks ago, and I finally got around to taking some pics of him at our local fire dept. I will get some more pics of him taken really soon but this is what I have for now!!

Curly with Fire Hat
My husband is a Lieutenant with the Local Fire Dept. This is his fireman's helment he wears on fire calls.

Josh and Curly on the Rescue Truck
This is my little buddy Josh with Curly and My Favorite Beanies sitting on the Rescue Truck.

Curly driving the Pumper
Curly gets to drive the Pumper!

Josh and Curly with the bell
This is a pic of my little guy and Curly and my Fav Beanies. This bell was the Fire bell for years for our Fire Dept. It was made in St. Louis Mo. And has the date of 1884 on the bell.

Josh and Pumper
Josh and the Beanies on the Pumper

Curly Drives the Truck!
Curly gets to drive the Pumper Truck!

Curly goes on the Campaign Trail in Illinois!
Beanie Curly Campaign's for Our Friend John for the County Board Seat!

More pics to come really soon!!!

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