Our baby Iris

Iris was born at our house! She was born the end of July 1999. She was the first Kitten to be born to her Momma Morgan and Daddy Jayme. She was such a pretty baby! She was so tiny! Her brothers and sisters were born the next day so she is the oldest of her litter!

When the kittens were old enough, we took them to Grandma's house to give to her and Momma went with the kittens. To take care of them Josh said :)

A few weeks after the kittens were gone, we lost our kitty Jayme. Josh was SO upset, I told him we could go get a kitten back from Grandma and he could pick what one he wanted. He did not pick Iris, but Mommy did :) He wanted two so they would not be lonely!

Iris if full of life! She loves to play she love to hide. She hates to cuddle or snuggle unless SHE is the one to start it! She will lay on your lap as long as SHE wants to *giggle* she is a real sweetie!!

We will keep you posted as she grows up. For now life is pretty much eat, sleep and play in the litter box, just to see how much litter we can get all over the floor!

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