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This is about our Puppy Sammi! Sammi is a pure bred Rottweiler. She is very special to all of our family. When we got her, we had one male Rottweiler and a Cocker Spaniel. I was not looking for another dog as we had more than enough with what we did have!

But one day this girl at our little store in town was telling me that her neighbor had a Rottweiler puppy and they did not like her. She was stupid or so they said! She could not be potty trained. She was scared to death of anything and they were going to shoot her if someone did not take her!

WELL that is all it took for me! I said NO...a puppy can't be stupid!! I asked how old she was! She was only 10 weeks old!! I told her bring her to me and I would take her till someone could take her and provide a good home! Knowing full well I might be living in the dog house if I brought home one more dog! *giggle*!

The next day she called me and told me she had the dog to come get her! I went up to the store and there was the skinniest scarcest puppy I have ever seen! I thought MY GAWD! this puppy is never gona live!! SHE was so sick lookin! I carried her home, and got her some puppy food. She ate till I thought she would pop! She was scared to death to eat! She would about lay on the floor shivering to eat! After she was done, I took her outside. She would not go thru the door I had to carry her. She went potty and I praised and praised her! She looked so happy!! Since I work midnights, I had to get some rest. She cried and cried. SO for the first time, I put her in my bed! *giggle* Never did I let a dog sleep with me till Sammi came along! She cuddled up and slept so sound!

She woke me up crying. I took her out and all be darn she went potty outside again! But again I had to carry her out, she would not go thru the door! She was scared of everything! Feet walking past, vacuum cleaners, loud noises. I could not imagine a little bitty puppy being so scared! I can only imagine the torture she must have gone thru!

Sammi has been with us for over two years now and we love her dearly! I knew when I took her home that she would not go anywhere! THIS was her good home!! She is not a big Rottweiler she is small but has the heart of the biggest dog you could imagine! She has never pottied in the house and has gained so much weight! *grin* She loves her puppy chow! She is spoiled rotten and is still scared of going thru the doors but does do okay with it if you tell her it is okay :)

She thinks she is a Yorkie and shhh dont tell her we love our lap dog! She can do some tricks for treats! She loves to snuggle! She knows when someone in our house is not feeling well and will not leave their side! She is just like one of our kids! Sometimes better *giggle*!! She no longer sleeps in my bed but she is never far from me! She will not eat her dog food in the kitchen where her dish is..she will bring a mouthful to where I am sitting and eat it near me. Makes a mess at times but she cleans it all up sooner or later!

Hey Look I won an award cause I am SO dog gone cute!

Thank you so much!!

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