Welcome to our Award Winners!!! Please check out these pages! I have checked each one, to make sure it is kid safe! Congrats to all the winners!!!

Jan. 22, 99
I went to this site, she said she is new to making pages. Well she has done a wonderful job!!

Jan. 22, 99
Victor's Palace
I was out looking for some wonderful sites, and LOOK who I found!! You have to check this site out! Very well done! :)

Jan. 22, 99
Welcome to Belle's Page
Again out surfing and this site was SO cute!! And the puppy matched! This site has tons to offer!

Jan. 26, 99
Ahhh you have to come see the Peke's!! Ms. Dixie has a wonderful site about her Peke's! You sure will enjoy your stay! :)

Jan. 27, 99
Geoffrey's Homepage
I was SO happy to get this application! I went to the page and it is just full of Puppy stuff!!! Tons of links to check out! Wonderful site!!

Jan. 27, 99
Cabin Pets Home Away From Home
Here you can meet Boomer and Lady! And their wonderful Mom Susitna! They have some awesome pages!!! And help for you too! Take a peek!

Jan. 27, 99
Such a good page!! This page was submited and I was so glad it was. She is a Community Leader too!!! Check it out!

Jan. 28, 99
Season With The Animals
WOW...Winter time now with the animals!!! You have to see this page!! Very nicely done :)

March 20, 1999
Asasha- The Peke with no eyes
Ahhh this is the sweetest Peke! And what a loving mom! I bout cried!!! You have to see the love in this page! And go vote for her too!! She is in a contest ya know :)

March 20, 1999
Pawsatively Seshat & Pekoe T's Web Site
Ahhhhhh a kitty site!!! They are so CUTE!! There is so much to offer on this web site!! You really should go see!!

March 20, 1999
Maxx and Carley's
A must see Yorkie site!! They are really cuties!! They have alot to offer on this site and Internet Pen Pals too!

March 20, 1999
Chole's Page
Her Momma said "She's a little prissy but still very sweet!" And boy is she SWEET! Ya just have to see :) When you are here...make sure you see Chester's page too! Chloe's Brother would be quite upset Mom said :)

March 20, 1999
Sherry's Space
Sherry has a tasteful site with some really cute links on her page!! She is the Mom to Chloe and Chester too :)

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