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Dear Humane Society,

My name is Snowball. I am 8 years old. I am an American Eskimo Dog. I am very special because I have epilepsy. That's OK though, because I feel pretty good most of the time.

I was wondering if you could pass on a message to my former owners for me. I wanted to let them know I was OK. I wanted to let them know I was happy, and that I found a nice home. I wanted to thank them for helping me find someone who will always love me, who is committed to me. I wanted to let them know they did the right thing to send me to you when they knew they couldn't keep me.

At first I didn't understand. I thought I did something wrong. I was very frightened. I was in a big cage. Alone. I did not know what was happening to me, or why. A lady came by. She called my name. I went to her, but she did not smell familiar. And I was waiting for my people. So, I walked away from her.

I don't know exactly what happened next. Somehow, later, she came for me and took me to my new home with her. I was very scared, and I was in alot of pain. (Later I learned I had been "spayed", whatever that means.) For a while I did not know what to do. I ate some plants and some plastic things she called "eyeglasses" and "wallet". They tasted good. I relieved myself on something nice called a "Persian Rug". It felt good, but later I learned it was a bad thing.

Anyhow, it is now 7 years later. I love this lady. We are good to eachother. Life is good. And so, to all my frightened friends, waiting and wondering why, be of good faith. Sometimes, when all seems to be the worst, the best happens.

I wish for you the same happiness that I have found.

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