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We have come to a fork in the road, and again our lives have changed. I didn't think we would come to this so fast......She's not even 7 years old yet.

In March of 1999, Snowball developed cancer, a mastocytoma, or mast cell tumor. This is malignant in dogs. She had aggressive surgery with wide excision of the tumor. She will start on chemotherapy, Lomustine, and stay on the prednisone, for several months. Because we were unable to have the tumor graded, there is no way to know how aggressive her cancer will be.I must keep hopeful. I try hard to be optimistic.

But I am worried. Very worried.

God, I know when you brought this dog into my life, that you entrusted her to me for her brief stay on earth. When I brought her home, I looked into those sweet brown eyes with the white eyelashes, and I promised her we would always be together, and that I would always take care of her. And we have had a wonderful life.

Please, God, keep her safe. I promise that I will watch her and care for her. I will keep her happy and free from pain. And when the time comes, I will send her back to you on wings of love. But, not yet. It isn't time yet. We still have too much to do together. We are embarking on a whole new adventure. It will be wonderful, and she will have such fun! Besides, I need her, and she isn't ready yet.

But, I will wait, and I will watch her. And when the time is here, I will know. And she will soar above to greet you with such joy in her heart! The trumpets shall sound and the mountains will dance. The angels will sing songs of great joy! She will fly on golden wings, woven with the stuff of eternity, held together by the tears of my heart. I will set her free, when the time is right. But not yet..........just not yet.

Well, now it is 5 years later...........and our hope has sustained us. Snowball is still well, and happy. I worry every day, but am grateful everyday. There is nothing that restores me as much as looking into those sweet brown eyes with the white eyelashes. So, we continue again, on this wonderful journey forward. Each of us with hope in our hearts, and a smile on our faces. And, oh yes, dogs DO smile........they do indeed smile. Come, Snowball my love, lets go.

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