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And so, our path again takes an unexpected turn........On September 15, 2000, I began my journey to become a breast cancer survivor. I thought Snowball and I had left our troubles behind us, for a while at least.......

I underwent surgery and 3 grueling months of chemotherapy. I face 7 weeks of daily radiation therapy. I am in the middle of a mid life career change, and am a second year law student. I have been able to stay in school and continue my studies. It has been very hard.

I worry about what lies ahead for me. I have learned that even I, the iron lady, am vulnerable. I try to face my own mortality without fear.

And, like any journey, there have been some wonderful times. Some people have revealed themselves to me to be people of tremendous kindness and decency. It has taken my breath away. I have been humbled by such decency. I must remember this so that I may in my turn, bestow the same upon others.

I guess maybe the best any of us can do is to get up each day and try to get through the day with honor and dignity. I think about everything I still want to do, the battles still to be fought. I think about all the animals out there who need me to save them. I think about how I have been loved by one dog, and I think, well, that is not too bad after all.

And so, we continue once again, on our wonderful jouney forward. As I take my next step, I smile as I see that sweet face with the white eyelashes that I know so well look back at me with such trust and joy. And life becomes good again. Come, Snowball my love........walk with me on that path we are destined to take together.

We are God's jewels.
Often God exhibits His
jewels on a dark background
so they may shine more brightly....

And here we are, three and a half years later. Snow and I are still on our journey, enjoying our days as they come. We are both well and continue forward with smiles on our faces, feeling very grateful for all we have.
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