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Tartan is a very handsome Shetland Sheepdog who turned 9 years old on March 6, 1999. He has been epileptic since age 3 and suffers from grand mal type seizures. His last 2 seizures were on September 21st and 22nd, 1998. His grand mals were mild, but his phenobarbital was increased at that time from 45 mg. to 60 mg daily. Tartan lives with another sheltie and 7 cats, in addition to his human family. His Mom, our friend Lo, is a specialist in rare and exotic fish species.

Dixie is an adorable Jack Russell Terror, er, Terrier. She is almost 5 years old. She suffers from mild seizures, which her Mom, our friend Pat, has been able to reduce in frequency using alternative treatments. She is a sweet, lovable and well-behaved little girl, who is adored by her family.

These are China the Lab on the left, and Harley, a fun-loving mixed breed dog with epilepsy. They are best friends, could you tell? Harley was found on July 27, 1996 by his mom, our friend La, when he was 6 weeks old;.....abandoned, frightened, cold and hungry. He has thrived in his loving home, with his friend China, who was also a rescue dog. Harley developed epilepsy in March 1998, when he had 3 grand mal seizures in rapid succesion. He was put on medication, and lives life full speed ahead.

The smiling face on your right is Jackson, a 5 year old Golden Retriever who developed epilepsy in September 1998. Jackson doesn't mind, though, because he keeps very busy chasing his tennis balls and running beside his Mom's bike. Our friend Donna says he also loves long walks and assisting in various garage duties with his Dad. He spends his days with his big brother Crash, an 11 year old Keeshond, who keeps busy munching bones, keeping an eye on Jackson and watching the world go by.


This is Irie, who was rescued by her family, our friend Barbara, Walter, Kristina and Amanda. She came to her loving home on Amanda's 4th birthday in 1995. Wow, what a great present that is! Irie began having seizures almost 1 year later, and is currently taking Kbr (potassium bromide) twice a day. Irie is a sweet, loving German Shepherd mix who is very close to her 2-legged "littermates", Kristina and Amanda. She loves to spend time with her family and especially loves playing in the snow.

I will be adding more of our friend's pictures.....Please come back and visit us again soon.

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