S affie, (registered name Earthling Pepita, Sapphire for short) is a Siamese Queen owned by my friend Peter. Saffie has had three litters of kittens and I have assisted Pete with all of them (actually at the birth for her second brood - which was wonderful).

Third bundle of mischief
Who is Saffie?

The photograph shows her surrounded with her first litter of Siamese Kittens. Zebediah (a Seal Tabby-Point) was the sire of four surviving kittens (out of a litter of six), a Blue-Point Girl & Boy and a Seal-Point Girl & Boy.

Friar Tuck

My favourite was the little Seal-Point Boy, affectionately known as ‘Friar Tuck’, he was registered as ‘Karliboo Kavalier’.

Miska & Geebo

Saffie sought ‘love on the Wild Side’ when choosing a father for her next litter - her choice a black and white tom ... the kittens were born two years ago today. They were all black - except for Gebo - pictured here with Peter’s other cat, a 12 year-old cross-bred Siamese called Miska.

Miska recently went missing for twelve weeks - she was found thanks to the aid of a ‘Diamond’, a Mrs Diamond to be exact. Mrs Diamond remembered seeing Pete’s flyer in her local Vets and managed to reunite Peter with a much thinner Miska.

Gebo is black except for a harlequin pattern on her nose, a white belly and four white paws. She has a foreign shaped body and a typical Siamese sense of mischief - amongst other things, she will open the fridge to provide all the cats with a stolen meal. (Pete put a block in front of the door to stop her - but she learnt to pull it away - she is now trying to learn how to unhitch the tie he is using on the handle!)

Saffie’s third, and final to date, litter was sired by her ‘first love’, Zebediah. In each litter, there have been six kittens born - but upsettingly, in each case, only four have survived to adulthood. The surviving members of this little family are the Blue-Point boy & girl, Seal-Point boy and Seal Tabby-Point boy pictured here.

Acrobatic Kitten

As you can, hopefully, see from the expression on her face, Saffie enjoys her kittens. Peter is currently deciding whether she would like to have one last litter or not.
(4 January 1999)

Third bundle of mischief

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