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    Comic Relief  
  Support Comic Relief, wear a red nose with pride, and you will be helping children, all over the World.
  If, like me, you find it uncomfortable to wear a red nose , then wear a Comic Relief T-shirt .... Check back here soon for a photo of me wearing mine ..... Or how about getting people to pay you to wallow in custard or bathe in baked beans? .... Or take a trip to the official web site at http://www.rednoseday.beeb.com to laugh at the jokes, play the games and maybe make a donation.
  Comic Relief is not just about giving - it is about the joy of giving - for you receive much in return - so go on click the link and have some fun.
  Thanks for reading, hope that you’ve waited for the laugh ... Which was hopefully not a snigger at the animated gif .... It is only attempt number three (the first two are even worse!). Red Noses are on sale at branches of Oxfam & T-Shirts are available in Littlewoods stores.
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