Pets up for Syber-Adoption
for the period of 1/1/04 - 3/1/04:

Loree & Moore
Picture taken at
The Morristown-Hamblen Humane Society
in Tennessee.

Name: "Loree & Moore"

Species: Canine

Sex: Females.

Physical description: 8 weeks old. Very sweet and pretty fur-friends. They really need a swell home tho.

History: Simply "dropped off" at the shelter. They are labeled "give ups".

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Upload the WWSS logo WWSS - Woodro & Wendy's Syber-Shelter to your webpage server. Link the image to the WWSS homepageso others may adopt.

You may use the convenient code below:

<!-------BEGIN WWSS Adoption Code#---------> <CENTER><A HREF=""> <IMG SRC=nameofimage.jpg BORDER=0 WIDTH= HEIGTH= ALT="I adopted my pet from WWSS"><br><IMG SRC=wwssbanner.jpg BORDER=0 WIDTH=200 HEIGTH=67 ALT="WWSS - Woodro & Wendy's Syber-Shelter"></a><br><FONT FACE="Arial,Helvetica" SIZE=3><STRONG> I adopted my pet from <A HREF="">WWSS </a></FONT></STRONG></CENTER> <!-------END WWSS Adoption Code#---------> Simply "Copy & Paste" the above code into your document.
It should look like this:
I adopted my pet from WWSS
WWSS - Woodro & Wendy's Syber-Shelter

I adopted my pet from WWSS

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Thank you so much for caring :-)

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