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The much maligned and misunderstood rat...makes the greatest of all pets!

This page is dedicated to domestic rats as pets, their care, and the fun they can bring. It is time to dispell the myth that rats are a dirty, disease carrying animal - lets face it, hundreds of thousands of these adorable creatures have died in the name of medical science...contributing to advancements in medicines and treatments for human ailments.

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UPDATE: Feburary 21, 2004
Dusty and Ben and their eight children have passed away, all having lived very long lives.  We had close to four wonderful years with them and will miss having rats, so I have decided to upgrade this site in honour of my precious friends and faithful companions.

It is with great pleasure that I announce... "I have more rats!" At long last we have a new pair of rats, a timid male that we have named "Ben" and a confident and smart female that we call "Dusty". It's been since New Years Day since we had a rat in the house last, this has been one very long, lonely period for me. Now I have a new start, with a new family of rats, and can't wait to get a web cam on them! LOL 09.26.00

Curious what it would be like to own a domestic rat for a pet? Have a pet rat for the first time and looking for information on how to properly care for your pet? Well, look no further...you have found the page of an experienced rat lover! Follow the links to important and useful information, share in the joy of owning one of these unique character pets.

These gentle little creatures are most adorable. The rat is a very social being and is easily domesticated, meticulously clean, extremely quiet, utterly faithful...but, they depend on their owners to provide and care for them.

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