This WEBSITE is dedicated to all my Darling Friends, RATS!!!  At the
present time I have 54 adorable munchkins.  All, I must say, are spoiled to the max!!!
1.  FEEDING:   Most people will tell you to feed you Rat "Rodent Food" and "Lab Blocks".
Although strange, I have 24 adorable Ratties who actually DETEST the Blocks. Oh,
they will nibble on them, especially during the night, if they run out of their other food. 
My ratty diet consits of a lot of Vegetables, fruit, yogurt, baby food, gabanzo peas, table scraps and their favorite, Wheat Germ and whatever else I find that is nutrionally sound.
Granted, they love nibbling on chips, doggy bones, crackers, etc., but, they only get this
as an added treat now and then.  I did find a good place to get Lab Blocks, NORTH PENN FEEDS ****.  Debbie, from the Rat Fan Club (see link above) has a good homemade recipe in her
Rat Health Care Book.  Consider joining the Rat Fan Club, she has very good advice and is willing to help you in anyway she can.  I HIGHLY recommend it.!!!!

Well, let's start with a NO  when it comes to Pine and Cedar.  Both of these contain oils which
can cause respiratory problems in Rats, along with small animals.  My preference is Aspend, chips or Shavings.  Again, you can get this from NORTH PENN FEEDS****, the prices are very reasonable, the best I
found!!!  Some people will suggest, Carefresh or Yesterdays News, both of which I do not like.  The reason
being, is it resembles cardboard and to me, it is not soft enough.  Think, how would you like to walk on cardboard all day?!   In cases, where you would not use bedding, such as to prevent infection on Rats who
have had surgery or an open wound, I use pillow cases and lay down.  My cage width is 30 inches, and the
pillow cases fit just right.  I have several put aside just for them, I don't use fabric softener on their bedding, hammocks, etc., as they tend to start sneezing.  Believe the smell is just too strong for their delicate noses!!

As far as I am concerned, the Bigger the Better.  Remember, these little critters are full of energy and need space to run and play.  Especially if you can not leave them out for several hours (4 -5 ) a day.
I purchase all my cages from Martins Cages (link above), their prices are extremely reasonable, both the powder coated and regular.  Many people do buy the powder coated, the reason being is they do not rust.  But, if you clean your cage regularly, you shouldn't have a problem.  I clean mine everyday and give it a good scrubbing every week.  I modified the cages, when I received them. Purchase scrap rug and cover the balconies and ramps, also, I invested into bath mats for the full middle floor.    If  you leave them on the metal flooring, screens, it is a good chance they can end up with Bumble foot.  To my knowledge, this is hard to get rid of, so why take a chance?!!!
****NORTH PENN FEEDS do not have a website, their mailing address is as follows:  Or contact me through
e-mail for supplies.

North Penn Feeds
P>O> Box 1086
Landsdale, PA   19446  USA
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Tickles Rescue belongs to several very well organized and knowledgable clubs:

Rat & Mouse Club of America
2.  Rat Fan Club
TICKLES RATTERY BREEDING:   At this point, we are only doing rescue work. If  you need a home for a dumplin, e-mail me at:   rats@tds.net.  
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