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Running Ferret

In memory of Pixie, da Pooter-Fert

Hi, dere, evwybuddy! Dis is yer favert ferret Satinka, an dis is my Home Page!!!

Dis used ta be da home page of Pixie, da Pooter-Fert. Pixie left Mommy and Daddy ta go wait at da Rainbow Bridge. Tinker nebber knewed her, but Daddy sez she wuz his speshul little girl, so I’s dedikatin dis page ta her. (By da way, my name’s Satinka, but my fwends call me Tinker or Tink, so you can, too!!

Tinker saved Pixie’s orijinal home page, so if ya wants ta see it, go here. (Warning—Tinker saved it “as is”, so dere’s probly lotsa broken links!)

Dese is da first four fuzzies Mommy an Daddy ebber got! Dey’s Pixie, Coke, Cinnamon, an Chitterbox!

That's them!!


Even though Tinker's not da oldest or da first, this is my home page, so I get to interdoos myself first. Hee, Hee, Hee!






Waiting fer Mommy and Daddy at da Rainbow Bridge:





Well, I guess thats all of us (for now, ennyways)!

Dooks ta all da sick fuzzies, an' ta da peepleses what helps 'em, an' also ta da peepleses who's fuzzies is waitin' fur 'em at da bwidge!!

Oh, yeah. And if you like Tinker's page, pleeze link to it from your home page. Also, let me know if there's a ferret page you rec'mend, or if you'd like Tinker to link to your page!

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