Hey!  Stop ticklin' me!!!

Den Mommy and Daddy finded a reelly cute silver-mitt ferret in a pet store. Dey sed he wuz ten weeks old, but Mommy sed he wuz prob’ly only five or six weeks old, cuz he couldn’t even chew his food yet, cuz he didn’t have no growed-up teefs!! But he grew fast, and became Mommy’s biggest ferret. Him gotted Insulinoma too, but dis time Mommy knew what it wuz. She started treating him with steroids right away, but it just didn’t help. He wuz only three years old when he went ta wait fer Mommy at da Rainbow Bridge, and he broke Mommy’s poor little heart.

Chitterbox had lotsa favert toys, but Mommy didn’t usually let him play with them. That's cuz she says he got too 'ggressive. He liked to play with socks and anything squeaky, 'specially his squeaky-ball. But his absolute favert toy wuz Daddy's little foam basketball. He attacked it and tried to kill it, but it just kept coming back for more! ‘Course, after he left, Mommy found his squeaky-ball unner da bed, and it looks like Chitterbox had killed it after all, cuz it wouldn’t squeak no more! He put so many holes in it dat da squeaker wouldn’t squeak!

Chitterbox's nicknames were: Fuzzbucket, Fuzzbutt, Monster, Chitterling, Scuttlebutt, an' Cuddlebutt!

Come outta there so I can beat yoo up!!

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